Swiping right into hopeless love..

Why is it so seemingly hard in this day and age to want someone and have him or her genuinely want you back? To manage a relationship void of games and bologna. Just two people with common interests who like each others face enough to see them more than once a week. Dating nowadays doesn't make sense to me. You have this person you are semi interested in, and then you have the slew of other people you're also interested in, and you want to see all of them all at once. What happened to just being with one person and that being enough? We want so much to be different that we have made love a game of how many hearts can I put in my jar until it bursts? 

I want one heart in my jar. I want one person that I can call my best friend who will eat pizza at three am in the middle of the kitchen floor in just the refrigerator light. Someone who will chase me in the grocery store making silly faces, or spend a whole day talking in accents to each other. I want to dance and sing to disney music in the dining room and end the day in bed talking about the existence of aliens or whether or not they live in the parts of the ocean we have never explored. I don't want complicated. I want genuine, simple, beautiful. Real.

Although this generation I inhabit picks tinder over meeting someone in line at target or a coffee shop, I do believe the love that I crave still exists somewhere. For now, I shall wade through the new norm of 2016 dating life swiping right.