I have this recurring dream. I am standing in the middle of the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue and my feet are stuck to the concrete. I can't move. I struggle and fight and there's just no getting them to budge. Around me time passes fast, I see the people I know in life growing older and gaining importance in life and I just stay the same. I wake up crying, this happens twice a week. 

Stagnant, still, motionless. The fear of never truly moving forward sends shivers down my spine. 

No one wants to feel stagnant, void of forward movement, or rather movement at all. I know first hand what it's like to feel stuck, and stuck leaves you feeling helpless, hopeless, without purpose. But realize, you do have purpose and you can accomplish amazing things. It's all about swimming through the rut, seeing it through, and making it out on the other side a better version of yourself. Realizing, you are in control. The power lies inside of you. 

So often we forget the talent that lies within us, and most importantly, that we are capable of anything we set our hearts on or minds to. I know for sure I don't want to feel sluggish or stuck any more than the next person. I feel that it is a real fear within all of us, and its up to us to overcome it. I have learned, the hard way, not to compare my successes or lack there of to anyone else in life. Because each person's journey takes off at its own pace. Everyone has a path, and sometimes that path is rocky and bumpy. My path seems to have disappeared, but I'm confident I will find it sooner or later. 

I wasn't born with the patience gene, but my mother always said patience is learned. I am definitely on a path to learning.