Life behind the counter ain't all that easy.

what should matter.

Lets discuss people, 

I stand behind the counter and just marvel at the diversity swimming along in my cafe. I have always been astonished with the vast differences between certain humans in the world. I think being different is amazing, and more people should embrace it, however, there is a large reason why that doesn’t happen…

People and their utter need to be terrible to each other.

I am a college graduate, worked full time throughout all college years, and managed to pull of a beautiful GPA at graduation. And yes, I work at coffee shop. I slave away day after day to provide the world with sufficient amounts of caffeine and yet I get told that what I do isn’t a real job and that I’m not good enough. 

“When you get a real job, sweetheart, then you can talk to me about working 40 hours a week and being tired.” - Suburban Mom

To say that statement infuriated me, would be an unbelievable understatement. I am working as hard as I can, slaving away at a job that barely pays my bills, but pays. But its not a real job? No, its not my career and I don’t plan to slave coffee the rest of my life, however, who are you to constitute this as a “fake” job, or a job any less than a real one?  The problem with the service industry is three fourths of your customers whole heartedly believe you are there to serve them. Your main purpose in life is to work this “fake” job, that is getting you by through whatever you have going on in life, and you aren’t worth anything more. We wonder why people in the fast food industry want more money, does anyone realize what we go through? I mean granted, there are exceptions to everything, so don’t jump down my throat for that one. 

I stand behind a counter and I make coffee for a living, currently. But its more than that, because aside from the stresses that come with the job itself, we now deal with the stresses from customers. 

“This is too hot” “Theres too much foam” “I said iced” 

We smile and make it right because thats what we are paid to do, we are paid to make your coffee with a smile. However, I can tell you that I am not paid to sit and take your criticism when you tell me that this isn’t a real job, or that I am no better that those “burger flippers” at McDonalds, or that my job is so easy a child could do it. I don’t get paid for you to tell me I’m not worth anything, or good for anything because your cappuccino doesn’t have the absolute perfect milk to foam ratio. 

Why has this world become so terrible to one another? When did criticizing people get you father than encouraging them? I think more people need to take  a step back and evaluate their actions and words before they speak. Because words hurt as much as punches, and they stay with you longer than a bruise. 

I am a college graduate, trying to work a job to pay my bills while I figure out my calling in life. Please, respect that and know that I am doing my best and that is what should matter.  

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