writing amnesia

I've got a case of writing amnesia.

It’s funny because so many people, over the last year of not knowing who stands before me in the fingerprint pained mirror build into my bathroom door, tell me to just write through the rut. But how can you write through something when you don’t have have a voice and when words don’t even look like words anymore. When the very things that made Kierstin, a writer, have become foreign objects in my hands.  

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A Walk Through Grieving You

Grief is like walking through a dark room you've been in before but it's all different. It's confusing, unfamiliar, jutting out in different directions at unexpected times. In unexpected ways. I'm not sure how long I'll stay in the dark. Could be days, weeks, months. But I know that somewhere in the dark is the key to turning on the light. You always told me I am the key to my own success. So maybe the key to turning on the light will be found in the heart that's still healing from a loss so great.

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