Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

Before I started Full Sail I was grappling back and forth with the decision to go back to school. 

Feeling endlessly trapped by surviving, I’d put it off and threw myself into a job that has never fulfilled my desires and needs.

I’d always thought I wanted to pursue a Masters in creative writing, wanting to further my goal of writing a novel and getting it published. 

However, my creativity felt like it was at a standstill, and I felt helpless as I searched for something to expand my scope and ignite the fire that was once in my heart.

But then I sat down one day and really thought about what I wanted to learn, and what I could gain from another degree. 

Because of that I connected with an advisor to discuss all of my options and gain some clarity.

We spoke in depth about all the things I wanted out of life and what I felt would allow me to feel as though what I was creating was making some sort of impact on the world. 

Because of the conversation with the advisor I was able to pinpoint what I wanted to pursue and began the process for the next steps.

Sitting on my couch in my pajamas I researched the degree tirelessly to assure that this was the perfect field of study for what I wanted to pursue in the future.

Because of my work schedule, we played phone tag and I was unsure whether or not I would make the deadline for the August 5th start date.

This caused mass panic because all I could think about was money and lost opportunity, and I began second guessing my decision becoming very down on myself.

Until, finally the advisor contacted and told me I was ready to go, that I had transfer credits from my previous degree, and I received the momentum scholarship! 

Although I was frustrated about the ambiguity of waiting I was relieved to hear that I was ready to take the next step.

I cried when I called my mom, even though it wasn’t that big of a deal I felt like I was finally making a move in the right direction to achieve a few of my dreams.

And, ever since then I’ve been working on pursuing my degree in Media Communications and am looking forward to all the knowledge I gain throughout the program.

Here’s to the days spent in coffee shops, creating beautiful things and drinking delicious coffee.